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Orange County, California

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Chelsea Woods

Sea Calligraphy is an idea I've had for awhile. I've always enjoyed writing and creating, but sometimes even the simple thought of taking the time to start a business would exhaust me. Balancing work, family, friends, exercise, and relaxation is already a struggle! How would I juggle yet another thing? 

So I started small. First, I began doodling with hand lettering on my downtime. Then I decided to make an Instagram account (@seacalligraphy). I started using this Instagram account to sporadically post some of my "scribblings," and it soon became an outlet to showcase my daily calligraphy work. A couple #moderncalligraphy and #handlettering hashtags here and there and people quickly starting noticing and leaving positive comments on my posts. Incredible! When you put something (especially art!) out on the Internet, you never know what the response will be. It was very thrilling to see the initial response, and it motivated me to keep going. 

My mind started running wild of all the things I could do with this passion of mine. Cards, events, home decor pieces, etc. Soon, I became addicted. I wanted to practice hand lettering during every waking hour and make amazing pieces of calligraphy.  Within a week or two, I created my website, had some friends take some photos for me (Thanks Adriana and Richard!), and proceeded to create my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles. I can already see the progress I am making with my calligraphy, and I love that it will only get better with more time and projects. 

So here I am, a month later, blogging about starting up my very own calligraphy business. I hope to one day look back on this post and remind myself when and where I started. You're never too old to create a new dream. 

xoxo, Chelsea